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Inspiration and Influences

My first encounter with art was at the age of five, when, to entertain me, a neighbour drew a cowboy on a horse for me. I was amazed as the picture took shape before my eyes. I couldn’t say I wanted to be an artist at that moment, but I have never forgotten it, and I have been drawing and painting ever since.


These days I am more often inspired by bright colours and strong light and shade - but I’m still attracted by the hint of a story in my subject.

So I paint the human touch on the landscape – the colours and shapes of moored boats, the cluster and tumble of buildings on a hillside, and, when I can catch the moment, the people themselves, working on a boat, mending a tractor, or just enjoying the view.


I paint in oils on canvas, first setting out my composition with black outlines, and then, working wet onto dry, adjusting shape, tone and colour as I build up the painting in layers.


Through the years I’ve been inspired and influenced by artists whose work I admire - the peasant landscapes of Breugel, the bold shapes and colours of Picasso, and for the same reasons the northern artists Peter Brook and Geoffrey Key.  As you can see from my bookshelves, I still have an affection for the comic books of my youth too.


My paintings are in galleries in North Yorkshire, and in private collections worldwide.