It's important to me as well as to you, that I keep your personal information private and safe. This Privacy and Security Policy explains how I come to hold your personal information and how I might use it. It also explains how you can restrict how it's used or ask for it to be removed. This is to comply with The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.

Collected Information

I collect your personal information when you sign up to my mailing list, or you buy something online. It may be your name and email address, and your postal address. 

Mailing List Signup

When you sign up for my mailing list, your contact information is stored with a secure newsletter provider, Mailchimp, which I use to format and send email newsletters from time to time.  I don't pass on your information to anyone else, and it is not available to be accessed or used by any third party.  You can unsubscribe at any time, using the unsubscribe link in any newsletter, or by contacting me direct.

Buying Online

This website and shop is hosted by Squarespace, and therefore, when you make a purchase, the information you give is held in a secure and fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant third party site. Your debit or credit card information is not retained. 

Personal Contact

If you email me with a question or comment, I may keep the details you provide, so that I can answer any of your future enquiries in a more relevant way. I may also use your comments to improve my website or newsletters.

Website Information Collected

You can visit my website without telling me who you are, or providing me with any personal information. However, the website automatically collects the I.P. (Internet Protocol) addresses of all the website visitors and other related information such as page views, operating system and time spent on the website through an analytics program which I may use to monitor and improve the website.

The website may also use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about the pages you access or visit. Cookies are bits of information that are automatically stored on your computer so that a website can recognise you when you return. If you do not wish to have cookies on your system, you can set your browser preferences to disable them. I do not participate in any programs that use this information to present you with pages you have not directly accessed yourself.

Retention Of Personal Information

I only keep your personal information as long as is necessary for the purposes I collected it, or as is otherwise required by law.

Security And Personal Information

The information I have described above is, as stated, held by secure third party sites. Access to these sites, and to my equipment, paperwork and emails, is restricted to myself and my wife, who is my administrator, and we take reasonable steps to protect this information physically and technically.  

Policy Changes

It may be necessary to update this Privacy and Security Policy for new unanticipated uses not previously disclosed. Any changes will be made to the policy as displayed here. I will treat your personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Security Policy in place at the time your information was collected.

Contact Me

Please contact me if you have any questions, you wish to access the information held, you wish to change it, or would like me to unsubscribe you from my mailing list. You also have the right to have all information about you removed. You can email me at, or write to me at the address below. To protect your privacy I may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before allowing access or changing the information. 

David Utting

107 Skipton Road Harrogate HG1 4LJ